Covering Your Event Beautifully
Unit 19a, Lower Mount Farm, Cookham SL6 9EE

At Tops Marquees we pride ourselves on ensuring our marquees are always clean, bright and white. So we spend a lot of effort and expense in keeping our marquee canvasses clean. Our advanced automated cleaning system allows us to easily clean our canvas stock, to keep it looking brand new, all year round.

If your marquees are in need of a good clean, ready for the new season, then look no further. We are also pleased to offer a high quality cleaning service to other marquee companies. Tops Marquees are able to handle all of your PVC marquee cleaning requirements. However we do not have the facilities to clean traditional canvas.

The Tops Marquees canvas cleaning service costs £1 per sq m - for example;

3m x 6m Marquee Roof Sheet @ £1 = £18.00
3m x 9m Marquee Roof Sheet @ £1 = £27.00
3m x 12m Marquee Roof Sheet @ £1 = £36.00
5m x 12m Marquee Roof Sheet @ £1 = £60.00
5m x 15m Marquee Roof Sheet @ £1 = £75.00

We are also able to clean walls, windows and gables.

All prices exclude VAT. We are happy to accept delivery and collection by courier.

Marquee Cleaning Machine